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McDonald's China encourages parents to spend more time with their children by providing meal-to-table services

The hectic pace of modern life leaves many busy working parents with limited time to spend with their children. This means that every moment they can spare is precious.

McDonald’s China understands how parents feel, and has launched a new advertising campaign to encourage moms and dads who bring their kids to McDonald’s to use the new “table service”. This means busy parents don’t have to queue for service so they can enjoy every precious moment with their children.

Leo Burnett Shanghai was the lead creative agency behind the campaign, which launched with an emotional 45-seconds film:

Takho Lau, the Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Shanghai, explained. "Kids always want to spend more time with their parents. In more traditional times, mothers typically spent more time with their kids, and fathers spent more time making a living. In today’s world, however, more and more mothers are also working, which takes time away from their children. This makes the time they can spend together much more precious.”

As a place where families can enjoy happy times and build lasting memories, McDonald’s has always been dedicated to provide all our customers with a delightful and enjoyable dining experience. And even though the meal-to-table service only saves people a few minutes, it offers mothers and their children a bonus moment of companionship.

The film has been aired on a variety of TV channels in China since the 17th of May. In one week’s time, it has been watched for over 1.1 million times on Tencent video platform (one of the key video platforms in China).

Starting from mid-May, over 1000 McDonald's restaurants in China now offer meal-to-table service. No matter whether customers order at the counter or at the self-ordering kiosks, they can choose to have a McDonald's brand ambassador deliver their meals directly to their table. Currently, table service prioritizes families, to help them enjoy more quality time to together.

With the self-ordering system and mobile payments, McDonald's China is trying to integrate software and hardware in a digital, personal and human way to enable their customers to enjoy a speedy, comfortable and constantly rewarding dining experience.

May 26th 2017