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Amazon Kindle launches an emotional campaign to remind people of their love for reading

Amazon Kindle & Leo Burnett Shanghai launch a campaign to remind people of the joy of reading

Do you still remember the joy you used to have reading? The library you wanted to take home Reading under a tree in the sunshine The story that was so exciting you stayed up all night to find out the ending

The new TV commercial, launched by Amazon China for its Kindle E-reader products, was aired on May 22nd in China, targeting people who love, and once loved reading. The creative agency behind the integrated communication campaign is Leo Burnett Shanghai, who is cooperating with Amazon in China for the first time.

The insight comes from Leo Burnett’s observation on people’s reading behavior. In China, people’s reading habits have changed a lot in recent years. A couple of decades ago, many kids love reading and it was easy to immerse themselves in reading; however when they grow up, hectic lives leave them little time to read, or just moments here and there. With so many other choices of entertainment nowadays, reading seems to have gradually become a thing they rarely do in their daily lives."

Rocky Hao, the Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Shanghai said, “The brand purpose of Amazon Kindle is to let people enjoy reading at any time, enjoy the wonderful times when they immerse themselves into reading. So our job is to go back to the original purpose of Kindle brand, to revoke and remind people who used to love reading when they were young, deep down they have never lost their passion for reading.”

Through this campaign, Amazon Kindle wants to refresh people’s wonderful memories of reading when they were young, build an emotional bond with readers, and remind them that “the passion for reading never ends”. Relevant social campaigns will also be carried out on wechat and weibo, to remind people who are watching on their phone – do you still remember your love of reading?

May 22nd 2017