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McDonald’s China launches a “Monster” New Year hand in hand with the movie “Monster Hunt 2 ”

Although it has long been a tradition for McDonald’s China to launch special seasonal products to celebrate Chinese New Year, this year, they have embarked on a true breakthrough. Leveraging on Chinese consumers’ passion for the famous movie “Monster Hunt”, McDonald’s China collaborates with the sequel and its most popular character - the monster Wuba - to launch an integrated marketing campaign in the same style as promoting a movie with the tagline, “Monsters invite you to reunite with your family and enjoy delicious tastes”, to promote its two new products, called the Wuba Burger and the Reunion Burger.


Leo Burnett Shanghai is the lead agency behind this integrated campaign. Whether the campaign appears on a digital channel, or in an in-store promotion, it is always delivered in a similar tone, with similar scenery, and similar character settings as in the movie.

This in-depth IP collaboration with the 3D fantasy comedy film “Monster Hunt 2” marks the highlight of the campaign. Larger than life McDonald’s burgers and movie characters were installed in theatres around 20 cities across the country, and from Jan 24, product posters have been displayed among the movie posters as well – very much a part of the movie promotion.

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The official announcement of the new McD’s “monster” store on Jan 24 on China’s social media launches the campaign in full swing. The pretty hostess, the monster’s Qingshui Town, the traditional Chinese invitation sent by a monster, and the story about how the adorable monster Wuba keeps searching for his “mother’s cooking”… all of these are part of a smartly designed user journey and creative content that are enticing consumers to experience the real McDonald’ “monster” store.

To satisfy people’s curiosity evoked by social media and the movie promotion, flagship McDonald’s stores across China have been redecorated like the one in the commercial since Jan 24. A series of Monster New Year celebrations which, of course, are totally different from human ones, have been created to allow consumers to satisfy their “monster” fantasy. This not only generates more buzz on social media, but also encourages people’s expectation of the movie which will be air on Feb 16, the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Dog.


One little highlight of the in-store marketing is the traymat which has been designed as a little interactive game. Customers are invited to count the number of Wubas pictured on the traymat and text the number to McDonald’s official wechat account, where they will receive a special monster’s new year greeting.

The campaign brings people an interesting experience at each touch point. Rocky Hao, the Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Shanghai summarized the creative thinking, “From the very beginning we wanted to achieve a win-win situation between McD’s and ‘Monster Hunt’, rather than a simple IP collaboration.”

“We started from understanding what fans liked about the movie, and what kind of media they preferred to use. From this insight we built our film around the reunion between Wuba and his mom, smartly implanting McDonald’s role in the film to ensure a perfect match with the movie. The announcement on social channels pricked consumers’ curiosity, and encouraged them to try. The in-store marketing then turns it all into reality. Overall, the campaign reaches out to people using different approaches at each touch point, to lead them to a wonderful New Year dining experience at McDonald’s,” he added.

February 27th 2018